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Andrew Sterling of Sterling images online including Destination Events over 25 years has been specializing in People. 

Andrew Sterling began his study of Photography at age 19. A native Texan, father of three, graduate of UT Austin with a degree in Psychology and minors in German & Fine Art, he was honored as Photographer of the Year in 2001 and was recognized with that same award in 2002. In 2003 he won Portfolio Photographer of the Year as well as Best Wedding Entry in a regional (5 state) competition. A number of Andrew’s portrait prints have won Merits Awards including the Distinguished Judges Award. Portfolio Photography of the Year for the State of Texas was awarded Andrew in 2006 and now again for the 2nd time. Here’s how Andrew describes his calling to photography:

 “The credit for my work should be given to a higher spiritual power working in my life.”
 “Photography is about sculpting with light and strong composition”.
 “ I simply love all stages & categories of life.”
 “Being asked to photograph someone — them sharing their precious time,  allowing me to capture private moments in time — is a great honor & privilege”.

Andrew considers himself a people person. By watching signals such as body Language and by listening carefully to his clients, he is able to relate to and capture their trust and enhance their confidence. Says Andrew: “The documentation is for them, not for me. I never want to place my clients out of their comfort zone just for self-promotion. Respecting the client is #1, and the method through which Life becomes aRT. ” Some of the magazines he has created covers and editorials for are Austin Lifestyle, Austin Wedding Day, Austin Wedding Guide & N Side magazine. Over the years Andrew has photographed music, sports, political and business figures such as Townes Van Zandt, Steve Miller, Boz Scaggs, Brian Jones, Richard Garriott, Coach Darrell Royal, Coach Mac Brown, Coach David McWilliams, Governor Rick Perry and John Paul DeJoria. Andrew has ventured to destination photography opportunities in such places as Berlin, Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Aspen, & White Sands NM to name a few. “What we do for ourselves dies with us – what we do for others’ lives forever.“– is a creed Andrew tries to live by . . .

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Andrew Sterling loves challenging shoots to keep himself fresh and on the edge. The best way to be ready and do interesting work is not to categorize himself into a box such as Wedding photographerfamily, children... etc. Simply love all categories of life.  Andrew considers himself a people person, and able to relate and capture the trust of the client on many different levels.  Watching signals such as body language, listening carefully to his client the documentation is for them not for me Sterling images photographer states. Never wish to place the client out of their comfort zone just for self-promotion.
Respecting the client is number 1 by which Life becomes aRT and this will acknowledge Andrew’s  work. What we do for ourselves dies with us-What we do for others lives forever – is a creed Andrew tries to live by.

Sterling images online photographer serves the Central Texas area and any destination on earth you desire. Andrew has traveled from San Antonio to Dallas, from Fort Worth to Houston, as well as across to any destination clients requested. Whether you choose Andrew Sterling as your, or for your family or business portrait, you will receive creative artwork worthy of a fine art gallery, and sure to be a treasure.

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